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Heal the World with Magic

Become the leader of a magical bird folk. Save their decaying world. Reshape the land and grow your civilization in a chill strategy game where you’re never pressured or rushed.

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Terraform and colonize the planet by the means of magic.
Transform biomes, research technologies, and create wondrous constructions!

Kindle Hope

Create new biomes, build cities, establish transport networks. Work on new technologies to change and save the decaying world.

Lead a Civilization

Start with one colony, create more, and see them expand. Discover unique resource veins and use them to broaden your creative possibilities.

Relax and Enjoy

Freely experiment with towns and logistic networks. There’s no enemy nipping at your heels. The game instantly reacts to your decisions. The pacing depends on you alone.


Play at your
own pace


Terraform with magic

Build a laser-based logistics network

4 biomes, 21 buildings,
50+ technologies

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